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Shot Blasting Machine and Sandblasting Machine Manufacturer – Mesblate Buy Shot Blasting Machine Or Sand Blasting Machine? Cheaper Price Directly From China Manufacturer Mesblae is top manufacturer of shot blasting machines and sand blasting machine located in Qingdao China since 1997. Certified by ISO9001 and CE in 2003, Mesblate can supply full line of shot blasting equipment, sandblasting equipment etc… Both standard and custom machines are available.
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Mesblate - Metal Surface Blasting Technology

Located in Qingdao China. Mesblate manufacture and supply full line shot blast machine, shot blasting equipment and wheel blasting machines. Shot blast machines by Mesblate are widely applied for steel surface cleaning, deburring, rust moving and de-sanding in steel fabrication works, casting foundry, ship building.

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What People Say

Q3750 spinner hanger-type blasting machine can clean well our steel jobs before coating. Also thanks to the good dust collector, we have dustless working environments while running the blasting process.
Margaret Curtis
Turkey Aurcus Company
If you are looking for a shot blasting machine or blast cleaning equipment, Mesblate is the company I highly recommend. We bought a Q6930 roller conveyor shot blasting machine. It has excellent performance to clean steel profiles and fabricated works.
Matthew Fox
Canadian Suocy Company
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