Dustless Blaster

Dustless Blaster is a kind of wet abrasive sandblasting machine. Abrasives, water, and rust inhibitor are filled into a sander pot. Compressed air drives these mixtures to impact the object surface. Rusts, scales, coating, and paintings are removed from the surface of the metal, sheets, walls, etc ... Dustless sandblasting equipment by mesblate is a revolutionary to replace existing dry sandblasting with silica sands. Less dust and containment are produced. The operator will get a clear and clean working environment away from pneumoconiosis and silicosis.

Technical Parameters

dustless blaster models mesblate
1 Cubic Foot2 Cubic Foot5 Cubic Foot8 Cubic Foot15 Cubic Foot30 Cubic Foot
50 lb abrasive100 lb abrasive200 lb abrasive300 lb abrasive750 lb abrasive1500 lb abrasive
5 gal water10 gal waterH20 gal water30 gal water75 gal waterH150 gal water
~15 minute blast~30 minute blast~60 minute blast~90 minute blast ~2-3 hours blast ~4-6 hours blast
48”H x 20” W x 22” D55″H x 27″W x 34″D54”H x 34”W x 40”D 63”H x 34”W x 40”D76”H x 48”W x 46”D98”H x 48”W x 46”D
Weight: 158 lbsWeight: 263 lbsWeight: 368 lbsWeight: 427 lbsWeight: 838 lbs1200 lbs
Operating Pressure: 30-150 PSI 30-150 PSI30-150 PSI30-150 PSI30-150 PSI30-150 PSI
ISO / CE CompliantISO / CE CompliantISO / CE CompliantISO / CE CompliantISO / CE CompliantISO / CE Compliant

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