Dustless Blaster DB1500

Dustless Blaster DB1500

Dustless Blaster DB500 is a kind of wet abrasive sandblasting machine. Abrasives, water, and rust inhibitor are filled into a sander pot. Compressed air drives these mixtures to impact on the object surface. Rusts, scales, coating, and paintings are removed from the surface of the metal, sheets, walls, etc … Dustless sandblasting equipment by mesblate is a revolutionary to replace existing dry sandblasting with silica sands. Less dust and containment are produced. The operator will get a clear and clean working environment away from pneumoconiosis and silicosis.

Dustless Blaster DB1500

Application Of Dustless Blasting

Application of dustless sandblasting equipment. Commercial: building exteriors, graffiti removal, line stripe removal, stone etching, and more. Residential: home exteriors, decks, patio furniture, swimming pools, auto restoration, and more. Fleet: fleet trucks, buses, railroad cars, ships, boats, and more. Construction: masonry cleaning, heavy equipment cleaning, paint stripping, and more. Industrial: factories, refineries, machinery, metal buildings, tanks, towers, offshore equipment, and more.

Technical Parameters

dustless blaster models mesblate
Capacity15 Cubic Foot
Abrasive per fillHolds 750 lb
Water per fillHolds 75 gal
Blast time per fill~2-3 hour
Operating Pressure30-150 PSI
Dimensions76” H x 48” W x 46” D
Weight838 lbs


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