Rotary table shot blasting machine

Equipment Brief View

Model: Q35
Surface finish level: SA2.5 to SA3.0
Blast cleaning efficiency: 1.6 rpm
Delivery: 30 days

Application Of Rotary Table Shot Blasting Machine

Rotary table shot blasting machine is suitable for, Precise casting parts, Forging part, Auto parts, Connecting rod, Clutch, Gear, Spring

Technical Parameters

Table diameter1000mm1200mm1400mm1600mm1800mm
Max table load400kg500kg600kg800kg1000kg
Max work pieces height600mm600mm800mm800mm1000mm
Blast wheels2×7.5kw2×7.5kw2x11kw2x11kw3x11kw
Blasting capacity2x125kg2x125kg2x180kg2x180kg3x180kg
Dust filtration volume8000m3/h8000m3/h12000m3/h1200m3/h15000m3/h
Machine dimension1.5×1.5x7m2x2x7m2.2×2.2×7.2m2.5×2.5×7.2m2.8×2.8×7.5m
Power consumption23kw23kw36kw36kw45kw


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