Wire mesh conveyor shot blasting machine

Equipment Brief View

Model: QWD
Surface finish level: SA2.5 to SA3.0
Blast cleaning efficiency: 0.5-4 m/min
Power: Min 30 kw
Delivery: 30 days

Wire mesh conveyor shot blasting machine

Application Of Wire Mesh Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine

Wire mesh conveyor shot blasting machine is suitable for, precise casting parts thin-walled iron casting thin-walled aluminum casting ceramic parts

Technical Parameters

Mesh conveyor width600mm800mm1000mm1200mm1500mm
Max work pieces height600mm600mm800mm800mm1000mm
Cleaning speed80kg/min80kg/min100kg/min120kg/min130kg
Blast wheels4×7.5kw4×7.5kw4x11kw4x11kw6x11kw
Blasting capacity4x125kg4x125kg4x180kg4x180kg6x180kg
Dust filtration volume8000m3/h8000m3/h12000m3/h1200m3/h15000m3/h
Machine dimension4x1x7m4×1.5x7m4×1.2×7.5m4×1.6×7.5m4x2x8m
Power consumption65kw72kw90kw97.5kw120kw


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